IT Solutions and Software Development Company

Zencloud Technologies is one for the top cloud & ICT Solutions Company in Singapore. Founded in 2012, our mission is to help small businesses in Singapore increase productivity by deploying timely and efficient ICT solutions. Based on specific needs and business situations, our ICT expert team institutionalize HRM, CRM, Appointment Management and Accounting Management Software. We respond to customer business’s needs, and provide a straightforward technical solution, without any time lags and training delays.

Our Products and Services

o   Accounting Management – we provide tailored accounting management software that builds trust and ensures that best practices are followed. Ensuring your company financial health is on track, it is essential to have an accounting system that suits your business needs. Our approach focuses on keeping your financial accounting processes streamlined with the aid of ICT.

o   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Customer is king. Our CRM software solutions are optimized to take over, simplify and automate the management of your customers. Statistics shown that 78% of customers end a business relationship after a bad experience. Take customer service to a whole new level with our cloud & ICT solutions company.

o   Human Resource Management (HRM) – Employee are assets of our company. HRM solutions is needed to manage employee record efficiently. Payroll processing is made easy with our payroll module, within 5 minutes you can process your entire company’s monthly payroll. Calculating monthly CPF submission is also made easy with our software.

o   Appointment Management – Manage your appointment with customers efficiently, avoid mixed-up and confusion with our appointment management software solutions. Our system is created as a single point of communication and collaboration to eliminate scheduling conflicts and increase service delivery efficiency.

o   Mobile Apps – Research has shown that more customers are spending more time on mobile, an average of 2 hours and 48 minutes per day. Moving your business operations to mobile is essential. We provide you mobile apps development services that are aimed at harnessing an optimized and friendly mobile experience for your customers.

o   Web Application Development – Zencloud has a team of fully trained and extensively experience team of web developers. As technology advances, we keep up with the latest approaches and concepts in programming. Whether you need a simple online brochure website, or a custom web-based app loaded with functionality, we can deliver!

o   Digital Marketing – Get help with your digital marketing campaign. Increase your online reach through a custom Social Media Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing. Our online marketing efforts focuses on effectively communicate your brand, products and services to your customers.

Why Zencloud

o Agility – agility is part of what makes Zencloud the results-oriented Cloud & ICT solutions company that it currently is. We craft and deliver agile solutions that can be fine-tuned to accommodate an adjusting business setting or external environment.

o Flexibility – get the service you need, from a team of skilled specialists. You pay for only what you use, on a metered basis. Flexibility is threaded deep in the fabric of our service delivery.

o Cost Efficiency – we shield our clients from costly software and hardware approaches that can strain your IT budget. Get a custom solution that’s centered around your business’s needs, and your budget.

o Data Sovereignty – be in control of your critical data in a secure and efficient environment. Easily retrieve and consume information on the go. No overseas data storage problems. Simplify your operations and leverage true data sovereignty.

Join hundreds of happy customers who’re already using our digital solutions to seal IT gaps and streamline their day-to-day operations. Get in touch to ask a question or just say Hi.