Domain Registration and its Importance

Domains are unique names, once someone registers a domain nobody else can use it, even if you are not going to make your website yet, but already thought of a good domain name is a good idea.

In the case of companies or businesses, it amounts to extremely high levels, becoming an essential part of its corporate identity and even the fundamental part of it. An Internet domain is a network identification associated with a company or person. Internet domain names are part of the most important digital assets of a company. However, many of them still do not have their own domain.

Domain registration provides companies an opportunity to have several ways to establish their name on the Internet. In addition, domain registration provides better opportunities for innovation companies and some brands to use this to go further in the relationship with their customers. It’s a great opportunity to have an internet presence, increase participation, trade and connectivity and take you a step forward in the globalization of the Internet.

All computers that are connected to the Internet receive a number which we call an “IP number” (e.g. We can compare this to the telephone network where each row has a number that identifies it anywhere in the world. But unlike the phone when you access an Internet service provider, your computer gets a new number that is used for your access. This way, your IP number changes every time you connect.

However, computers connected to the Internet with the function of providing the web hosting have a fixed IP number. The sites are accessed using the IP number. But imagine how complicated it would be to decorate these numbers in time to access the address of your favorite website.  The domain names are composed of letters and usually, have some meaning or represent your company name or website. A domain is as an alias for an IP number and thanks to him we need not memorize IP numbers’ to access the sites.

A domain is the name that identifies a website. As each domain must be unique, choosing it is one of the most important decisions when making Internet presence. Consider some recommendations. Domain registration is an important to acquire a real and consolidated presence on the Internet factor.

Things to keep in mind when registering your domain:

  • If your company is already known and has a good reputation, it is best to choose as a domain name the name of your company. Instead, if you just started your business or still has not started, it may be better to choose a domain name that includes a keyword related to your industry.
  • Avoid infringing which can cause you serious legal issues in the future.
  • Make sure the registrar company is an ICANN Accredited Registrar company.
  • It should be easy to pronounce and remember. This way you have more chances that people will remember the name of your website and visit frequently.
  • Domains with double letters, for example, are very fashionable but are difficult to pronounce and remember.
  • If the domain name you chose is busy, you can choose variations of the domain name, the plural for the singular and vice versa.
  • Avoid special characters such as hyphens or numbers as they can be misleading. It also prevents domain names with hyphens.
  • You are allowed up to 64 characters for domain name but, if possible, do not use them all. A domain must not be excessively long.
  • It should easily identify with the company, its services and products.
  • Having the keyword that characterizes your company, products or industry in the domain name. This will favor the search engines place him at their ranking of importance.
  • Choose which extensions you are interested in. Extensions are the end of the name that marks the domain type in question. The most common is the “.com”, but countries such as “.com” also has its advantages, as the websites that use them do better positioned in the results of searches done within that country. If the domain name is free, you can buy several extensions of the same domain and make all address to one site.


Advantages of having your own domain

Identity and uniqueness:

A properly chosen domain is essential for the identity of your company


Having you own domain shows customers the quality and image of your business.


Marketing and branding your web site will be found more easily by search engines and projects an image of the modern organization.

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