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Tap the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) to improve your business

PIC Claim

If you have yet to avail of the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) for business entities in Singapore, it is high time to take action.

Foremost, any initiative that promotes your business is a welcome development. What more if this is a legitimate grant from the government.

One fact is that many businesses in Singapore have already been granted with PIC. Each has received a total of $15 K plus more expected benefits which come with the PIC package.

Another fact though is that many also have been disapproved and are still pending for approval. The grounds for the disapproval and delay include ineligibility issues and non compliance with requirements.

We have a proposal.

What if we will help you roll out eligible projects for PIC like business solutions, CRM, mobile apps or website that can help grow your business? If you will, you are halfway in complying with the PIC requirements. Check what our company Zenbit Technologies can offer.

Zenbit Technologies’ mission is to create easy-to-use web and mobile applications that takes the stress out of using technology – Our design approach focuses on user experience (UX) and carefully thought out user interface (UI) to maximize the productivity from each user- system interaction

Our applications are light and easy to maintain – No more costly investment on IT infrastructures and Department. We offer applications hosted on Cloud (Pay as you use) and available on multiple devices (Desktop, Tablets or Mobile)

We also develop solutions to automate mundane tasks and provide consulting on other cloud solutions such as Salesforce.


  • Web Development

Gone are the days when web development is aimed solely at sharing information. Our web development service has evolved so that we develop websites that are not only easy to install and maintain but also engaging with visitors. We develop interactive and engaging websites for better retention of site visitors.

  • Mobile App Development

Time has changed. Mobile apps have become handy and indispensable tools for mobile users. Do you have a good app idea in mind which you would like to develop? We are here to assist you in the development process. We have skilled mobile app developers to get your desired app accessible to your target mobile users.

  • Web Design and HTML

Looking for a highly customized website which has to be developed from scratch? Do you need a mobile or tablet version of the same site? We definitely can help you along this aspect. We have skilled hard coders to deliver your desired output.

  • Online Marketing

You can boast your well designed website for your business or for your personal advocacy. But if it does not have a significant level of traffic, it is as good as having no website at all. This is where we can come in. We provide online marketing related services to make your site visible online thus more visitors for your website.

  • E-Commerce

Are you looking to have your own online store and sell your products or services online? We deliver practical online store solutions for you. While our focus is coming up with simple and effective solutions, we never overlook the importance of integrating security features of your online store.


  • CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an important part of business operation. Customers can make or break a business. Thus for any business, it is important to stay in touch with customers and build a good relationship. We can provide CRM solution for your business. In that way your business can be more responsive to your customers requirements.

  • Accounting Information System

Are you looking for a custom built computer based accounting information system? We can assist you develop one which is responsive to your organization’s accounting requirements. We can make the system as simple as possible with all the necessary facilities to generate accounting and financial reports for decision makers.

  • Payroll System

For any business, big or small, a payroll system is needed. While there are a lot of payroll application avaiable in the market, these prove to be expensive and difficult to maintain. Zenbit can help you provide a more practical solution to your payroll system.

  • Document Management System

Office documents in the form of text, images, videos, worksheets and even audios are important resource of any business. Thus document management becomes a paramount concern for any business. At Zenbit, we provide solutions to easier management of documents.

  • Company Intranet System

Intranet deployment is increasingly becoming more popular as business entities need to roll out a well-designed central hub to share, collaborate, reference company and client information and even manage projects. We can provide you solutions to your intranet requirements for office productivity..